Welcome to International Horse Trade Center

Welcome to our website!

The International Horse Trade Center mediates the purchase, sale, import and export of horses and ponies.

In the beginning of 2014, IHTC.eu evolved from a pet project (Dutch Export Horses) into an independent company, gladly offering personal support while you buy or sell your horse. In addition to horse trading we also offer mediation for the transport of horses, and soon we will offer even more complementary services! to help you!

Are you looking for a horse? Or are you interested in selling and/or exporting your horse? The International Horse Trade Center is here to help!


Purchasing and importing a horse without seeing it first carries risks. You’re forced to rely on the pictures and videos provided by the owner/seller. Especially for more expensive horses we understand you would prefer to come

An optimized diet is very essential to the health of your horse. Are you struggling to determine what is the best for your horse, or what he / she needs for an optimized performance? For the modest sum of € 20,- we can create

At IHTC.eu you can find a very extensive selection of horses and ponies. Still, that special horse you are looking for might not be included in our selection. In that case please tell us what kind of horse you are looking for

When you are looking for a transporter to take care of the international transport of your horse, you have come to the right place at the International Horse Trade Center! Because of our activities in international horse

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